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Henboat Videos

Reuben Trane promoted the Hen Boats with the aid of a simple film that shows off the capabilities of the Hen boats while retaining the charm of a home movie. He has graciously given his permission for us to share it with other Hen Boat fans. A big thanks goes out to to Greg Maxwell, who supplied the original VHS tape, and to Barry Saunders, who put a lot of work into digitizing and converting the video into the various formats you see presented here.

A warning: These files are extremely large, and unless you have a high speed Internet connection (T1, cable, or DSL) downloading them is probably impractical. I'll add more formats as I get them uploaded, including more compressed formats. To download a file in Windows, right-click on the link, and select "Save Link As" from the menu:

QuickTime Format

Entire movie 438 MB

MP3 Format- low resolution, 5 seperate parts:

Peep Hen video 820 MB

Mud Hen video 523 MB

Bay Hen video 266 MB

Sand Hen video 453 MB

Real Media Format