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What's New at

6/17/2007: Bill Rovesti's Peep is featured on the For Sale page.

4/23/2007: Tony Mayne's Peep has sold- but he's sending a number of stories about Peeps that can be found on the new Peep Hen Stories page. Got one to add?

3/31/2007: Tony Mayne has lowered the price on his gorgeous,brand new Peep to $7995! This is the next to last Peep made. See the For Sale page.

1/4/2006: Moe Harrison is selling his beautiful green Peep.

10/27/06: Tony Mayne is selling the second-to-last Peep made- see the For Sale page.

3/10/2006: Additions to the links page; Morry Kapitan's notes on replacing a mast stub.

2/19/2006: 1987 Peep for sale - see For Sale section.

1/30/2006:New additions to the Peep specs pages, courtesy John Zohlen. More coming.

1/23/2006: Some new additions and edits on the Books page.

1/20/2006: Reuben has given us permission to put a digitized copy of the Henboats video on this site! Barry Saunders is working on obtaining a clean copy of the video and getting it digitized.

10/23/2005: launched